About us. What do we provide? What is paramount to us?

About us

Imperial Trans is a young and dynamic company founded in 2015. It consists of transportation specialists and passionates. We put great effort in developing our transport activity. This allows us to enjoy the satisfaction of clients, entrusting us with domestic and international transport.

Our staff is happy to assist and support you during all stages of transport. We thoroughly monitor all shipments, which enables us to track our vehicles during each stage of the route.

What do we provide?

For many years we have been specialising in domestic and international transport of electrical appliances, car parts and many other loads. Moreover, we constantly extend the range of our transport services fulfilling the needs and expectations of our customers.

Our transport is aimed at large, medium-sized and small companies. However, we also serve individual customers.

What is paramount to us?

1. 1. Customer’s satisfaction from beginning to end.
2. 2. Professional execution of transport services.
3. 3. Prompt transport, regardless of the length of the route.
4. 4. Maintaining a good contact with customers and drivers.
5. 5. High quality of domestic and international transport.

Imperial Trans – Professional domestic and international transport.

Here are the 5 priorities of Imperial Trans transport company:
Good contact
High Quality

What is favouring us